Life stories!


I have one, you have one, we all have them. We’ve heard the sayings, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ or ‘if these walls could talk’. They relate well to old photos hanging on our walls or safely tucked away in a box. Documents, notebooks and family heirlooms also hold untold stories of past journeys and major events. Often these mementos are all we have left after our loved ones have passed. While aging family members are still with us, we have a wonderful opportunity to capture their words, add a few of our own and preserve their meaning in print.











Photo books that tell your family stories and celebrate life's most memorable events









Life Stories Forever offers three unique ways to celebrate lives. We create photo story books, photo recipe books and photo art books. You can select from a variety of packages that allow you to combine your story or stories about a loved one, with photos and treasured keepsakes. Every book that you create is a priceless gift to pass on to future generations.

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Life Stories Forever - Irena Hauck

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