Photo Story Books


Publishing of personal books is on the increase. We all still enjoy the immediacy of a book, especially when it is filled with your favorite photos, stories and memories.


Some gift-giving ideas:

In this digital age when many are reliant on a virtual world, books still stand out in a relevant and timeless manner. Put family pictures in a photo story book or photo recipe book to enjoy time and time again.













We help you keep your favourite memories at hand 











Personal photo books are one of the best ways to organize and share countless numbers of photographs. Experience the joy of sharing them with loved ones, in a photo story book or a useful photo recipe book. With the turn of a page you can relive special celebrations or milestone events in your life or the lives of others. Our wish is to provide you with a way to share priceless memories for generations to come.

Selection of book packages:

Life Stories - cookbooks

Highlights - 6”x 9” - 40 pages

Life Stories - Wedding Book

Special Occasions - Custom package

Life Stories Forever- Family Stories by Cathy Brown

Grandparents Stories - Custom Package

Life Stories - Documentary Photography

Backward Glances - Personal Project

Custom package:

All photo story and photo recipe books can be custom tailored to suit your family preference. We can photograph your documents, old letters and heirlooms.
Once you have chosen your package, we will provide you with tips and explan the designing process from start to finish to make your book creation an enjoyable experience. Additional services such as scanning restoring and printing old photographs and documents will be quoted upon request.

Ask us about our custom packages and reward program.