Image Restoration


An imporatant element in creating a photo book as well as a way to create new prints that revive the detail and feeling that the original print had decades ago.


Images that have been restored to their original lustre not only enhance your photo book but also look stunning printed larger and displayed at home.


Digital technology is employed to restore faded, torn and otherwise damaged heirloom images to their former glory. Images printed for display may be printed on a variety of archival papers to match the setting they are going into and archival inksets are used to ensure your newly restored images will look great for generations to come.
















We help you restore your photographs to perfection

Even when stored in a box or album old photographs can still suffer damage from handling and become faded with the passage of time. Once properly restored your old heirloom prints take on a life of their own. Not only do they look great in a book, but they also look fantastic printed larger and displayed in your home.

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