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This is what customers are saying about their keepsake from Life Stories Forever:

“As a senior, I think this is a well planned legend of our passed that we wish to pass on to present and future generations before it is lost. This is more meaningful than just written words. It’s the way that we were.”


“After all these years, I can still see my grandma's eye full of stories. She passed away when I was in my twenties and took her stories with her. It's not too late to capture my father's stories of life in Hungary and immigating to Canada.”


“Now I can create a tradition of my own, with my own kids. But before this book, it would have just been a memory. I could probably google it, but it’s not going to be the same. My grandmother came up with this recipe when she was sixteen living in the middle of the war times.”


"Having this photo book really captures all the stories that I remember hearing about as a kid, but it also gives me the opportunity to ask more questions and hear more stories that I wouldn't have otherwise. The possibilities for sharing and reminiscing are endless and I'm so thankful that I have this keepsake."




Let the stories begin! 


"I found an old notebook my mother left

behind after she moved back to Poland.

This treasure filled with history is being

renewed. With her help I am filling

in the blanks and sharing

family history with our children.” 

Irena Hauck,



Producing a memorable book requires skill, but we take it further. We realize your story is unique, joyful and sometimes emotional. We start by listening to you carefully, go through your selection of photographs and content. Our wish is to work with you to present your unique story in a presonal style.

We guide you through the process with creative recommendations and help you choose your package to create a book of memories that you will love to share with family and friends. Once you have chosen your package, we will provide you with tips and explain the designing process from start to finish to make your book creation an enjoyable experience.

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Irena Hauck